Engaging Touchscreen Sketching Products to Support STEM Understanding

Sketching is an important, but under-taught, skill for learning in a wide range of areas. The act of sketching has been shown to improve the cognitive ability to think spatially and improve creativity. Our products include an intelligent learning environment where students can freehand sketch on a touchscreen device and receive personalized grading feedback and hints to improve their conceptual understanding and promote student persistence.

General Product Features


Automatic Grading

Students get immediate feedback on each sketch and unlimited retries.


Personalized Feedback

If students get stuck on an assignment they can get a hint or peek at the solution.



Our star system rewards students for their persistence, a key in developing spatial skills.


Spatial Vis Engineering™

Engineering students need strong spatial visualization skills to envision 2D and 3D shapes for their Design, CAD, and theory classes. Sketching orthographic and isometric shapes has been shown to increase spatial visualization ability, GPAs in STEM, and graduation rates in engineering. The Spatial Vis™ Engineering app can raise students sketching and cognitive abilities. It can be taught in class or assigned as homework. For more information on the benefits of Spatial Vis Engineering™, see results.

Grade Level: Ideal for Intro to Engineering and CAD University Level Courses and High School Pre-Engineering

Lessons: Orthographic Projections, Isometrics, 2D and 3D Rotations, Flat Patterns, Assembly, and more!

Features: Automatic Grading and Feedback, Personalized Hints, Teacher Data for Tracking Student Progress

Availability: Available for Apple, Android, and advanced Chromebook touchscreen devices.

If you are interested in incorporating Spatial Vis™ into your course, check out our purchase options.


Spatial Kids™ - Beta

Spatial Kids™ teaches spatial visualization skills for 3rd – 6th graders in a fun and engaging manner. These skills can help with math and science classes. Students learn to sketch in 2D and 3D, and perform mental manipulation of shapes.

Grade Level: Ideal for 3rd - 6th Grade

Lessons: 2D Rotations, Drawing in 3D, Orthographic Views, Tetrominoes, Flat Patterns, and more!

Features: Automatic Grading and Feedback, Students Work at their Own Pace, Star Incentive System, and Animated Hints

Availability: Available on iPad


Teachers and Students love it!