Getting Started

Have you observed that your students are struggling to grasp concepts in mathematics, science, medicine, or engineering especially related to the ability to think spatially?

The Need for Sketching and Spatial Visualization Training


Research has shown the act of sketching improves the ability to think spatially. Increasing spatial visualization abilities has been demonstrated to increase GPAs in STEM and graduation rates in engineering.


Spatial Vis™ Training Technology


Our products include an intelligent learning environment where students can freehand sketch on a touchscreen device and receive personalized grading feedback and hints to improve their conceptual understanding. In the classroom, we have demonstrated the efficacy of our products, and have shown that persistence can be quantified and increased.


Track Student Progress


Our products allow for the flexibility of conducting assignments in class or as homework, either on school or individual devices. Teachers can track student progress with weekly spreadsheet reports to identify students that are struggling. Students find our products not only helpful but engaging and fun!

For a virtual demonstration or advice on how to integrate our products into your classroom, please contact us.